Featured Partner: Trailmark

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As part of our ongoing series showcasing featured products made by developers we know and trust, we’re happy to bring you this month’s Featured Partner: Trailmark.

Imagine a system that organizes your existing knowledge, creates links between maps, stories, recordings and field data, with built-in tools for conducting new research and analysis – all in an affordable, web-based software that’s easy to learn.

That’s Trailmark.


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Today, Indigenous communities across Canada rely on Trailmark software to help them monitor and protect their lands and cultural heritage. Trailmark’s secure database is designed to facilitate community decisions on resource management, impact assessments, benefits negotiations, and land use planning.

Trailmark provides easy access to all your most important stories, photos, historical maps, GIS data, interview records, reports, and other research findings, so you can put your community’s recorded knowledge to work. With built-in interview, web mapping, mobile data collection, survey, communications, and referrals management modules, Trailmark is your all-in-one community-based research tool and archive.

Our company, Trailmark Systems, also offers a variety of research and consulting services, specializing in answering the questions you want answered, and communicating the results in ways all your audiences will understand. From land use and Indigenous Knowledge studies to impact assessments and custom software solutions, we are dedicated to helping communities document and control their own knowledge.

Find out more at trailmarksys.com

Or sign up for your free Trailmark account today at trailmarkapp.com