What do I do before creating my new year in General Ledger?

Melanie Courtney

Creating a new year in General Ledger will create and post a batch to take the revenue and expense accounts (designated as Income Statement Type of accounts) to a $0.00 balance for the beginning of the next fiscal year.  All of the details will remain in the previous year history file. Before performing this function you should: Backup your data …

How do I create a new year in Sage 300 ERP General Ledger?

Melanie Courtney

FIRST BACK UP YOUR DATA, then: Go to General Ledger, GL Setup, Options and select the Posting tab.  Verify that the number of years’ transaction history to keep is greater than 1. Some versions of Sage 300 may only allow you to keep a minimum of 7 years of history, while other versions will allow you to retain up to …

Why can I not see all the batches listed in the batch list window?

Melanie Courtney

If you are working in the GL for example, open the batch list window check to be sure the source ledger is blank, this will allow you to see all the batches from all the ledgers listed. Also check to be sure the check mark is on show posted and deleted batches.

Why is my Sub-ledger control account(s) out of balance with GL?


Check these basic settings: Be sure that your control accounts are configured with only the sub-ledgers through which the transactions should be routed.  Be sure not to assign GL for this type of account. Configure your sub-ledger’s GL integration settings in a way that an easily recognizable field such as vendor/ customer number and document number is linked to the …