Why is my PIER Report not printing the correct amount?

Melanie Courtney

You need to be sure to enter the pay cycle number (pay cycle number is the payroll period number for the year indicated) in the field under the pay frequency then regenerate the report.

Unable to Print ROE After installing Tax Table Update

Michelle Poirier

The latest Payroll Tax Table update (January 2016) included a changes to the ROE form. One of the changes is that you are no longer able to print the ROE in Sage.  This is to comply with the new requirements from Service Canada that they be printed from their website.    

Electronic Filing your T4?

Melanie Courtney

Here are some instructions for T4 Electronic filing we discovered after several calls with our clients and to people at Canada Revenue Agency… In Sage 300 ERP: 1) Be sure that all employees have the PROVINCE in the PROVINCE field on their general tab (Payroll Employees, general), or it will not generate the file 2) Be sure that you have …

How do I Electronic File my T4?

Melanie Courtney

Follow the steps below… Step One – Select “Payroll Government Reports” Step Two – Double-click “T4s Electronic Filing” (continued below) PLEASE NOTE: Your file will be saved in the location you define in “Local File Path” Step Four – Select Process

I have updated Employee Information, but the new information is not showing on reports?

Melanie Courtney

A: During the course of running your payroll system, you may update or correct employee information. This information may include the employee hire date, cost centre (department) and WCB information. The employee hire date is located on the General Tab of the employee information. This information is also contained on the employee’s pay tab, and it not updated automatically after …

After printing payroll cheques I realized one employee was paid the wrong amount, I have to generate my EFT file and send to the bank right away how do I correct this so the EFT file I generate is correct?

Melanie Courtney

The first step is to reverse the incorrect payroll cheque for this employee: Next go back and make sure the employee’s pay tab or timecard is correct. Then you can re-calculate payroll for this one employee only using the same pay period end date then process this new calculation of payroll. Next verify your pre-cheque register and proceed to print …

Calculating non-periodic payments

Melanie Courtney

If you have to calculate payroll for one or more employees, for example, that have earned severance pay or a lump sum payment (not a regular payment) keep in mind you should add a new earning and check the box that says non-periodic payment.  Making the earning a non-periodic payment will reduce the amount of income tax deducted. To add an earning go …

Including earnings/deductions with different frequencies on a Payroll Run

Melanie Courtney

When calculating payroll for an employee with a bi-weekly pay frequency for example, and they are also receiving a monthly earning such as a travel allowance that is paid out to them at the end of each month you will calculate payroll by choosing the pay frequency biweekly and under the section “include the earnings / deductions with these frequencies” …