I cannot see any cheques listed when I go to history/reversal.

Melanie Courtney

In order to for cheques to go into the history you have to delete the cheque batch from ‘After Cheque Production Report’ under Student Payment Processing. You will have to be logged in under Standard User to access this.

A student is not showing in the pre-cheque register that should be?

Melanie Courtney

If a student is not on the pre-cheque register report but should be, please check the following: Verify the student is entered into the system. Verify payment details exist for this student. Verify that the student’s status is approved active. Verify that the student has payment details for the payment frequency that you have selected.

The pre-cheque register is missing some/all clients.

Melanie Courtney

When setting up rates as Admin ensure you enter a max range higher than $0. Enter in an amount that is higher than any payouts you have set up for your students. The end date of the rate should also be completed with a date for as late as possible (i.e. Dec 31, 3008). This will avoid you having to …

Is the Post Secondary Student Management system networkable?

Melanie Courtney

Yes, PSSM can be networked as long as you have a Network Interface Card for your system. Ethernet 100mbps interface cards and hubs installed in the Server and each workstation are the minimum system requirements to have the Education program networkable. For each additional user, Lanpak licenses must be purchased.

Will the program run in a Windows 2003/2008 Server environment?

Melanie Courtney

Yes, the server minimum requirements include: Pentium 4, 4 GHZ, with CD /DVD ROM drive, 4 GB of RAM (Required for network installations only). Server Operating System: Windows 2003 or 2008 Server with all the latest service packs. (Required for network installations only).

Can the program be used by multiple users?

Melanie Courtney

Yes, if you are networking the program and installing it on a server. You must meet the minimum system requirements for the Server (Question 3) and networking (Question 4) to ensure the program functions properly.

How do I reverse cheques?


Reversing cheques will update the ‘to date’ totals, so cheques should be reversed before your month end is performed. To reverse a cheque you must be logged in as a power user or admin: Select ‘Periodic Processing and History/Reversal’ option from the list on the left hand side of the screen. Select the History/Reversal option from the periodic processing menu. …