How to perform a Cheque Reversal in Social Services / Social Assistance

Melanie Courtney

Perform the following steps: Sign into the program as the power user for the organization Select Periodic Processing and History/Reversal from the Housekeeping menu Then select History/Reversal If it is a client cheque, search for the cheque number to reverse If it is a Vendor cheque, place a check mark in the Box next to Is Vendor? To display a …

What are the payment processing steps?

Melanie Courtney

Please follow the steps outlined below: Log into the program as the standard type user, once you entered all the clients including B&D and payment details you can begin payment processing. Go to client cheque processing under the payment processing menu option in the explorer window. For your first cheque run, your first step is to select the pre-cheque register …

The pre-cheque register is missing some clients, what can cause this?

Melanie Courtney

Try to narrow down the client(s) you are missing. Please note if a client does not appear on the pre-cheque register report then no cheque will be issued for them. If a client is not on this report but should be, please check the following: verify B & D is set to true for this client verify payment details exist …

How do I edit an existing user?

Melanie Courtney

To modify or edit an existing user, select the users menu option form the Housekeeping menu on the left. A list of users will be displayed in the window on the right. Select the user to edit by selecting the pencil type icon next to the name. Make necessary changes and select the save and close button.

What is the difference between the Admin user and the Power user?

Melanie Courtney

The Administrator can create & delete users, change dictionary items for any organization and create organizations. The Power user can create & delete users & clients as well as change dictionary items within their organizations.

When setting up an organization for the first time, why can I not choose a province yet?

Melanie Courtney

If you have not customized the dictionary items for provinces, there will be nothing to choose from in the drop down list. While logged in as the power type user, to add a province, select provinces form the Housekeeping menu option. Select your organization (in place of default), and select the new button. Type the name and abbreviation for the …

Once the program has been installed, what are the next steps?

Melanie Courtney

To log into the program for the first time, you will have to sign in as the Administrator. Use the User ID and password provided by Abenaki. Once logged in go to help then register and key in the serial number provided to you by Abenaki. From the Explore menu (left panel), select the Organization menu option and then select …

How do I perform Client Payment Processing?

Melanie Courtney

Select Client Payment Processing from the Explorer menu on the left. If this is not your first run, you may need to select the re-initialize B&D button. Selecting this button will bring all of your clients that have a check mark in the Re-initialize B&D field on their B&D screen. This step is optional and depends on your situation. The …

Step-by-Step Month End Procedures


Finish processing all payments (client and vendor) for the period If there are payments to be reversed, then they should be reversed prior to printing of reports Print the Following Reports: Month To date Totals (From the Select Reports menu, select To Date Totals) Payment History (select the Client History Reports from the Select Reports menu) Print the Vendor Payment History report from the reports …