Don’t Be Fooled!

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Don’t put your financial system in the wrong hands!

We love providing support to our clients! However, many times the calls we get are to fix problems that arise when customers put their financial management system into the hands of service providers who make big promises, but fall far short on delivering.

Initially these promises seem enticing, like being able to produce a membership list from your General Ledger. However, after almost 35 years of experience working with First Nations entities, we are well aware that trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with your financial management system can end in headaches and frustration. Trying to produce a membership list from your GL would be an absolute nightmare to maintain (if you’re looking for a product to handle membership check out our CMIS package)!

We’ve had calls from clients who receive massive support bills from service providers who are charging them for every pay run, when all that needed to be done in the first place is setting up the proper Payroll EFT file format in the first place. Other times, they’ve been stuck trying to untangle the knots of incompatible products like non-Sage modules that try to mimick what Sage Financial Reporter and Payroll already do, and do it well.

The cost overruns, support issues, and hidden fees can add up, and soon the promises of savings evaporate into thin air. To make matters worse, sometimes these service providers are fly-by-night entities who view First Nations clients as cash-cows, and are more than willing to make commitments they know they can’t deliver, or sell your products they know you don’t need.

Not Abenaki.

Folks, we’ve been around since 1984, and we’ve built our reputation on delivering award winning products and services to our First Nations clients from coast to coast. Over 90% of First Nations communities have trusted us to deliver training and support, and we take customer satisfaction seriously. So seriously, that we were ranked 3rd WORLDWIDE by our Sage 300 customers!

If you’re stuck with a service provider that seems to be digging you further into a hole of bills and frustration, call us today! We can help sort out the mess and make your job WAY easier. We’ve got years of experience and a team of certified Sage 300 experts on staff to help you with whatever problems you may have.


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