Interest in CAN-8 for First Nations Building Momentum!

Peter Abenaki News


We have been absolutely floored by the level of interest in CAN-8 language software. Many of the people we talk to about CAN-8 ‘get it’ and their eyes light up when they begin thinking of all the possibilities of teaching indigenous languages to their members.

CAN-8 is a remarkably different approach to teaching language and truly empowers users to create completely customizable, culturally-relevant material for their students. This, in and of itself, is a departure from many traditional models of language instruction which are inflexible and top-down.

With CAN-8 you are in control, and the level of teacher-student involvement and interaction is leaps and bounds beyond other available software packages.

First Nations community members live all over the country and world, and this is no barrier for CAN-8. Create a virtual classroom and deliver material to your students, no matter where they are.

If you’d like to see CAN-8 in action, contact us today and one of your experts will set up a demo.