Case Management Module

Active Measures has been an integral part of our First Nations Management Suite of Products since 2003 and the introduction of our Case Management module. Our Case Management module addresses the need to connect your clients with available training and programs by enabling your Social Services and Employment and Training department staff to identify a client’s skills, education, training, and even possible barriers to employment.

This easy-to-use application helps you help your clients achieve their objectives by setting clear goals, and allowing you to track and monitor their progress in achieving those goals.

Program Features

  • Enhanced Security Ensures Client Confidentiality
  • Create a Case Plan for your Clients
  • Identify / Tracking Employment, Education, Skills and Goals
  • Produce Powerful Reports

Course Description

Case Management for Active Measures
This 1 day course is becoming increasingly popular due to the Implementation of an Active Measures approach to the delivery of Social Assistance. During the course, participants will learn how to set-up security, add and edit clients, enter employment objectives, track skills, track employment and training history, and any services the client has been referred to. Participants will also learn how to print reports to help them monitor their case load

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