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Announcement: Abenaki Associates and Unite to Empower First Nations Governance

From the desk of Michelle Poirier, Director at Abenaki Associates,

We are delighted to announce a transformative partnership between Abenaki Associates and, two organizations deeply committed to the empowerment and self-governance of First Nations communities.

Our Journey So Far

For nearly four decades, Abenaki Associates has been honored to walk alongside First Nations communities, contributing over 60,000 hours of training and 100,000 hours of support to finance departments across Canada. Our shared journey has led to a top 3 worldwide ranking for customer satisfaction by Sage, a recognition that fuels our ongoing commitment to serve.

Introducing Our New Ally: excels in delivering specialized governance solutions to First Nations around the world. Their Local GovernanceFramework© serves as a powerful tool, amplifying the voice and autonomy of communities by digitizing and simplifying administrative processes and ensuring compliance within governance structures.

A Partnership Rooted in Respect and Empowerment

Our long-standing relationship with First Nations communities has always been founded on mutual respect and the aspiration for self-governance. This new partnership with amplifies that vision, adding innovative tools to our collective repertoire that further empowers First Nations and their member organizations.

Expanding Horizons Together

By joining forces, we can offer an enriched set of resources for multiple initiatives crucial to the well-being and autonomy of First Nations communities:

  • Capital Works: Elevating community-led capital projects through innovative planning and governance strategies.
  • Process Formalization: Co-creating frameworks that mirror traditional governance models while introducing efficient, modern workflows.
  • Digitized Document Management: Implementing secure, easily accessible systems that respect and protects the immeasurable value of community records.
  • Improved Self-Governance: Offering new avenues for communities to exercise their inherent rights to govern themselves in a manner that is both effective and culturally consistent manner.

We are excited for what the future holds and are committed to this journey of mutual growth and self-determination.

For more information on how our enhanced offerings can assist your community in achieving its governance and development goals, we welcome you to reach out.

In friendship,

Michelle Poirier
Director, Abenaki Associates