Splashtop / Remote Support

One of the greatest innovations we have seen since we set up shop in 1984, was the evolution of the internet and the ability to offer remote desktop support to our clients – no matter where they are in the world. The tool we use to provide this type of support is a program called Splashtop.

With the customer’s permission, a small .exe file automatically downloads to their PC. It’s the interface through which our support staff communicate with our clients and conduct remote support. The applet automatically removes itself from the remote PC at session conclusion – preventing any future connections without the consent of the client..

The applet provides remote Customers with:

  • Interactive Chat and detailed Session History
  • Prompts to permit or deny technician access to all functions
  • File Transfer to the technician
  • Ability to stop Remote Control or disconnect at any time

If you have come to this page as part of a support call, and you have read and understand the security issues outline above, please click the Splashtop logo below to begin your session.