Housing & Inspection Management on Your iPad

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In recent years, housing in First Nations communities has been at the forefront of countless news pieces from coast to coast. Unfortunately, much of this coverage has been negative.

Overcrowding, inadequate access to clean drinking water, dilapidated structures… the list goes on and on.

While part of this problem lies in the logistics of living in remote areas and lack of funds, some of these issues are totally preventable and can be addressed simply with the implementation of proper management tools to oversee a community’s housing assets.

A community can save hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in the long term if the necessary steps are taken in performing regular preventative maintenance.

Gone are the days when Housing Department staff had to rely solely on Excel spreadsheets and even pen and paper to manage their community’s housing. With a new generation of computer-savvy First Nations people coming up the ranks big changes are afoot in band offices across the nation.

The younger generations are more apt to integrate new technology in their day to day roles within First Nations Governments. It’s not uncommon for the entire staff to be equipped with smartphones, and as cellular infrastructure improves in even the most remote parts of Canada, First Nations people are beginning to use these devices everyday to assist them in with their work in improving their communities.

Almost 20 years ago we introduced our Housing & Inspection Management System to First Nations, and immediately we received positive feedback from both our clients, but also non-native organizations such as CMHC who recognized our software with an award in 1994! Since then, year by year, we have improved upon this product, incorporating the feedback we’ve received from our customers across the country.

With the pervasiveness of hand held devices, current versions of HIMS can operate seamlessly in the field on a staff member’s iPad or iPhone, making it even easier for you to stay up-to-date on critical Housing Inspection issues as they arise. Today, in 2013, we are proud to say that HIMS is by far the best Housing Management software on the market designed specifically to operate within the unique environment which First Nations face in their communities.

If you’re interested in seeing our Housing & Inspection program then contact us to set up a remote demonstration that will only take up about 30 minutes of your time. We look forward to hearing from you.