BREAKING NEWS: INAC Housing Software Funding Announced

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BREAKING NEWS: INAC has recently announced that they have earmarked up to $15,000 for software costs associated with the management of housing inventory in First Nations Communities.

Abenaki Associates applauds Indian and Northern Affairs Canada for taking this important step to ensure that First Nations across Canada have safe and healthy housing for their members.

Abenaki Associates has been an advocate for housing on reserves since we began our business in 1984. In fact, our Housing & Inspection Management System (HIMS) was one of the very first applications we developed as part of our First Nations Management Suite of software products.

HIMS went on to win an award from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and ever since then we have endeavoured to constantly improve this product based on the feedback we receive from our loyal customers.

(Download HIMS Details PDF)

In our efforts to make this product available to all First Nations we have always tried to keep our products affordable, while still maintaining the award winning customer service and technical support you’ve come to expect from us over the past 32 years.

What does that mean? First off, when you purchase our Housing & Inspection Management System a member of your staff is eligible to attend a training session – at no additional cost above the price of the software!

Also, those that join our Abenaki Software Assurance Plan receive upgrades for the life of the product, free phone and email support, discounts on additional training, and access to free workshops held across Canada.

Updates for 2016

Google Map Integration

New for 2016: Housing & Inspection Management System now allows you to plot your housing inventory on the world’s most popular mapping utility

Work Orders

New for 2016: Create Work Orders for Housing Maintenance

Why Choose Abenaki?

  1. Abenaki Associates is the ONLY Aboriginal-owned firm offering exciting, cutting-edge software and training developed specifically to meet the Capacity Development needs of First Nations communities and organizations.
  2. We work tirelessly to improve the lives of First Nations Peoples in Canada by offering affordable and easy-to-use applications that enable communities to deliver services to their members effectively, transparently, and without a lot of waste.
  3. We understand First Nations because our staff live and work in the communities they serve. We can help you put together solutions to manage everything from your Finance Department to your Social Services and Post Secondary Funding.
  4. We love what we do! Our instructors have logged hundreds of thousands of travel and classroom hours, taught thousands of students, and made many, many friends along the way. When you do business with Abenaki Associates you’re joining a big family of peers and professionals who also want to see First Nations succeed.

If you would like more information about Housing & Inspection Management System, we’ve put together a one-page PDF with some details about the sofware (you can download it HERE). Please contact us with any questions you may have, we offer free online demos of the software. We also have upcoming HIMS training, and more will be scheduled in the weeks ahead, so subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up to date.

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