New Course: Financial Management for Housing Departments

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With Sage 300 and Abenaki’s Housing Inventory Management System (HIMS), your community already has the tools needed to manage both the financial and inspection aspects of your housing inventory.

With our new Financial Management for Housing Departments course our Sage Experts will show you how to maximize all that your current financial management system can do. We’ve been a Sage Authorized Reseller for over 30 years, serving First Nations communities and organizations – there isn’t another company out there that has that track record.

Our Housing Inventory Management Software won the prestigious CMHC Housing Excellence Award, and has continued to be a leader in the market.

With these two tools, your housing department can do so much!

Financial Management for Housing Departments

You will learn how to…
• Design a chart of accounts for more effective tracking of Housing revenue and costs
• Use Purchase Orders and Payables to record and manage housing costs and report on costs per unit
• Use Accounts Receivable to invoice clients, track overdue rent and communicate with your clients
• Use the Financial Reporter to generate easy to understand reports for management and decision making
• Prepare budgets and forecasts and monitor budget take up
• Manage your housing loans and mortgages
• Use Abenaki’s HIMS to generate reports that will give you firm information on your housing requirements to help forecast new housing units and develop a maintenance plan.

With so many products vying for your attention (and valuable resources), you need to be sure that the product you purchase for your community does what it needs to do and does it well!

There are housing products out there that claim to handle financial aspects of managing your housing assets, but do they do it well?

The answer is NO. Nothing beats the time-tested stability, feature-rich, and quality of Sage 300.