PRO-TIP: Windows Defender and Sage 300

Peter Finance

If you’ve already subscribed to our mailing list, then you may have heard about the issues arising with Windows Defender and Sage 300… if not, keep reading ūüôā

An URGENT notice to all Sage 300 clients:

We want you to be aware of an issue with Windows Defender that is affecting some Sage 300 clients.

When you log onto Sage and attempt to access any program icon in Sage, a message ‚ÄúCannot find program files‚ÄĚ appears.

If you check on the Windows Defender Icon and then the History tab, you will see a message that a file is being reported as a Trojan virus. This is an error on the part of Windows Defender reporting, and it is not an actual virus ‚Äď it is blocking an essential Sage file which is required to run the programs.

DO NOT DELETE THE IDENTIFIED FILE. The correct action is to select the box beside the identified file and then click on the option to ‚ÄúRestore‚ÄĚ at the bottom of the screen. Deleting the file will necessitate having to reinstall all Sage software, restoring it will make Sage operational again.

Please do not hesitate to call Abenaki if you have any issues that you need assistance with! 800-361-1402

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