Sage 300 Version 2019

Michelle Poirier Sage, Sage 300 ERP

You will be receiving an email shortly from Sage to advise you that version 2019 is available.

We are as excited as you are to see this new version!  Before we install your upgrade, you will need to know if all of the 3rd party products and add-ons you are using will also require updates.

These 3rd party products and add-ons include: Orchid EFT and Process Scheduler, Print Boss, Norming Asset Manager,  Abenaki products, and many more.

All of your programs must be upgraded at the same time to ensure you are up and running quickly!

In the coming days, we will send you a product compatibility guide so you can make sure your hardware meets the requirements.

We have not tested the Abenaki Products with this latest version yet, but will so very soon and keep you posted.

To have an upgrade proposal sent to you, please call 1-800-361-1402.

Have questions or need more information? Call us at 1-800-361-1402 or email
You can visit our website at