Winnipeg, Sage 300 ERP Accts. Payable/ Purchase Order & Accts. Receivable Begins Soon

Amy Young Sage 300 ERP

Don’t miss our popular Winnipeg training courses beginning soon. Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payable & Purchase Orders begins next week, June 23-25. & our Sage 300 ERP Accounts Receivable class is July 15-17th. You can register online or email me at for more information.

✿ Sage 300 ERP Acct. Payable & Purchase Order topics:Good Money Tree

  • Integration of Accounts Payable and Purchase Orders with the General Ledger and Bank Services programs
  • Program configuration for improved management, ease of use and enhanced reporting
  • Using Recurring payables batches for payments to students and other regular payees
  • Controlling payments to improve your cash flow and avoid late charges- protect your credit rating!
  • Entering invoices when received so all expenditures are recorded as they are incurred for financial management purposes, and matching payments to funds availability.
  • Using Purchase orders and Commitment Accounting to record committed funds for better financial management and budgetary control
  • Accounts Payable Management Reports
  • Transaction entry- shortcuts and tips
  • Using Orchid Electronic Funds transfer to pay suppliers and members via automatic deposit
  • What’s new in Sage 300 ERP version 2014 (6.2) and more..

✿ Sage 300 ERP Accounts Receivable topics:  

  • How to generate and print recurring invoices (housing, user fees, etc.)
  • How to process customer payments and print receipts
  • How to integrate with Bank Services and General Ledger
  • How to set up Orchid EFT for recurring Customer payments
  • Printing Reporters and more..
  • New features of Sage 300 ERP 2014

Training features the new version — Sage 300 ERP 2014 version 6.2. Come and see all the new features this upgrade has to make it even more powerful and user friendly!