Fall Software & Training Specials!

Amy Young First Nations Management Software, Training

We are sad to see summer go, but why not make the new season brighter some new tools to help you improve your productivity and make your work so much easier?
Abenaki is offering Special Fall Pricing plus FREE REMOTE TRAINING on our First Nations Capacity Development software purchased before October first, including the following programs:
• Income Assistance and Case Management
• Active Measures and Case Management
• Post Secondary Student Management
• Community Management System
• Child and Family Services Management
• Safe Water Infrastructure Management and …
• Our award winning Housing Inspection Management System!
Available exclusively from Abenaki Associates, our First Nations Capacity Development Software suite of products are all designed to help you and your staff in the area of Capacity Development. Our programs can help reduce the need for time consuming manual reporting and spreadsheet production, so you can provide better service to your members, while at the same time providing powerful analytical tools to document requirements when submitting funding proposals. All of these products integrate with your Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) system where financial transactions such as payment batches are produced. Modules include:
• Community Management Information System: which will give you the timely, accurate information you need to access funding and plan for the current and future needs of your members. You can produce reports to enable you to precisely analyze future funding requirements for infrastructure, housing, schools, day care, senior facilities and other critical member services. In addition, Economic Development staff can evaluate skills within the community and identify skill shortages so meaningful and effective training programs can be established.
You can also ensure the health and safety of your community members by analyzing factors such as the frequency of occurrences of critical illnesses and health related deaths so you can develop prevention programs and services. The system also enables you to identify members who require special services in the event of a disaster to facilitate the provision of emergency services.
Since you keep track of your members on your own system, you also have current, up to the minute membership information available without having to access it remotely from INAC.
• Child & Family Services and Case Management: Enables you to keep detailed information on clients and payments issued to them and on their behalf. Management and analytical reports are produced automatically based on your input thus reducing duplication of effort and freeing you up to provide better service to your clients.
• Post-Secondary Student Tracking System: Tracks all facts and figures related to a post-secondary student from enrollment to graduation. You can issue payments either through this software or Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payable, or transfer funds electronically.
• Social Assistance and Case Management: Provides a comprehensive management solution for your social assistance program including reporting to funding agencies so you have more time to spend with your clients and manage more effectively.
. Housing Inspection Management: allows you to track full physical and financial details about your Housing assets. With the click of a mouse you can create detail reports on everything from critical health and fire hazards, overcrowding, occupant and repair history and many more! Our Housing Module is available in two versions; a Windows and a Web (cloud) based version. Both versions run stand-alone or on a network. The added advantage to the web based version is the ability to securely access the program using tablets, phones and computers from outside the office allowing real time updating of data from the field. As always, you will continued to be protected by our software assurance plan.
We would be pleased to provide a demonstration or further information on any of our products and services to you or other members within your organization. Please feel free to visit our website anytime for more information on our company and services offered at 
Let me know if you require further information . We are offering new software Special Fall pricing and training prices. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. I hope to hear from you soon!
Call me at 1-800-361-1402 or email; amy@abenaki.comFall