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No access to IT? We can help!

Michelle Poirier Support, Technology

Working at home may mean that you do not have access to IT services.  We can still provide you support services from wherever you are.  If you are at home and have issues with printers, or outdated anti-virus software, we can help.  It is critical that the computer you are using from home be protected with anti-virus and malware protection …

Accessing your Computer from Home

Michelle Poirier Support, Technology

If you are now working from home, and would like to access your computer that is at the office, we can help. We have licenses for a couple of tools that will allow you to access your work computer from home. Interested in more info, email us at support@abenaki.com

Data Security

Michelle Poirier Sage 300 ERP, Technology, Uncategorized

Are we protected from Viruses and Malware? You need anti-virus and ransomware protection.  If you do not have both, you are putting your entire system at risk!  If you are not sure what malware and ransomware is click here Off-site Backups  Your backup procedure should ensure that there is a copy of your data off-site.  An off-site backup can help you recover …

Database Maintenance Tips

Peter Technology

Sage and Abenaki products are both examples of databases that do require regular maintenance after they are installed or upgraded. One important part of database management is backup.  Your databases should be backed up frequently (daily) and a copy of the backup be stored off-site. Another key aspect of database management is database size.  Databases can grow and contain and …

How often should I backup my data?

Michelle Poirier Technology

We are asked this question often, and recommend a daily backup of critical data.  These backups should be tested and also kept off-site in case of disaster. While Incremental backups may be alright for some of your data files, this type of backup has never been supported by Sage (Accpac).  Sage backups should be performed using a daily DBDUMP , …