Data Security

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Are we protected from Viruses and Malware? You need anti-virus and ransomware protection.  If you do not have both, you are putting your entire system at risk!  If you are not sure what malware and ransomware is click here

Off-site Backups  Your backup procedure should ensure that there is a copy of your data off-site.  An off-site backup can help you recover faster from a disaster.  Backups should also be tested. Backups that reside only on your pc or server or on devices that are always attached to the computer are not ideal. If you are entrusting your backups to another party (internal or external), please verify with them that full backups are being performed on a daily basis, and that you have multiple backups available and some of those are off-site.

Disaster Planning In the event of flood, fire or other disaster, do you have a plan that includes a second location with computers, access to your data and other important files/information to get up and running as soon as possible?