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Peter Housing Inventory Management System

HIMSThis month I thought I’d switch things up a bit and answer some of the great questions I’ve been getting from our Housing customers.

These past few months we’ve experienced a huge surge in interest in our Housing Inventory Management System. Due in part to the amazing updates we’ve rolled out for 2016, and also to the incredible initiative by INAC to help First Nations communities pay for housing software.

As such, we’ve had loads of calls and emails from customers about our Housing software; so we’d like to share some of them with you.

Question: “Has the deadline passed for me to purchase your software through the INAC funding initiative?”

Answer: Nope! While the deadline for proposals has passed, the deadline for actually purchasing the software has not yet passed, and you may not be able to qualify for the funding if you purchase the software first. So, check in with INAC on the status of your application.

Question: “Will your software be able to handle communities with a large number of houses?”

Answer: “Of course! The only caveat is to be mindful of the size of your photos when attaching them to a given housing profile. The limit is 2MB per picture, and that is a HUGE file. So, if you have access to a photo editor, like Photoshop, simply resize your photos down to a reasonable resolution. If you upload at or near the limit your database will eventually become huge and slow down your system.”

Question: “Will the new changes to Google Maps’ API affect my ability to use this feature?”

Answer: “It shouldn’t. As far as we are aware the recent changes to Google Maps API only affect web-based usage of Google Maps. However, if you experience any issues with your newly updated Housing Inventory Management System, please contact us immediately and we will get it sorted for you.”

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